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Fathom-S blown capacitor

I’m using a Fathom-S tether interface with an arduino controlled unit, and have the top side powered with a 9V battery and the ROV side powered with a 14.8V lithium. I blew a capacitor on the ROV board while connecting the battery. I’m pretty sure I had the polarity correct since the green led lit up on the board. Everything had been hooked up previously, but since I’m in the middle of programming, nothing has been running. Is there anything else I should be looking at before I replace the board? Is it worth trying to just replace the capacitor?


Can you take a picture of the board and indicate which component you think is damaged?


See attached. White arrow.



Hi @tpitsch, please try again, you can drag and drop a picture into the message box.

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the picture! That looks typical of what happens when connected in reverse, but can also happen when with high inrush current when the power is first plugged in. Can you please email us at support@bluerobotics.com and we can figure out a resolution?