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Experiment.com opportunity to fund telepresence for marine science

Greetings enthusiasts!
I hope you all are well. There’s an initiative that is using immersive telepresence that is trying to drive down the cost of systems like Nautilus Live, and adding the capability for middle and high school students, and eventual citizen scientists, the ability to control remote low cost equipment, like the Trident, BlueROV, smart buoys and others, for science education and monitoring of interesting sites. This is a project that is being done between Toledo Public Schools, Toledo OH, and volunteer groups on the Chesapeake Bay. The experiment.com page highlights the funding opportunity to set up the telepresence system and test it’s effectivness on remote learning and prototype a more stable and cost effective system for students and the community. Please take a look. We would be honored for your support of TPS (Toledo Public Schools) and the Tethys Oceanix LLC volunteer program.

Experiment - Moving Science Forward

Can immersive telepresence systems more effectively educate in-land and…

We propose a new paradigm in how the hydrosphere is taught by using a novel immersive telepresence system tailored for students and citizen scientists. This system enables remote monitoring and control of equipment between an inland waterway and a…

Best regards and may you all have a safe and happy holiday season.

– Jim

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