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Dual ESC Wiring with single channel of PWM generator

Hi Rustom,
I am trying to connect 4 thrusters in my system but in a set of two with two thrusters in each set. So instead of using 4 channels on RC Receiver for ESC signal, I am using only two channels so that I can feed signal to two ESCs from a single channel. My question is whether I am correct to do this and moreover my Signal wire ground is getting heated up like the insulator starts melting and tends to become

fire also.

Hi Abdul,

That’s very interesting. The ground wires should not get hot but connecting them like this should not cause any problems. Can you show me your overall setup? It sounds like current might be returning to ground through the signal wire, which would indicate that the main ground wire is not connected with a direct enough path to return current efficiently. How do you have the power wires connected when the signal ground heats up?