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Doubt about vacuum pump and hermetic seal 200 meters deep

Hello everyone,
I am testing leaks with the manual vacuum pump in an aluminum tube (series 4) with blank penetrators
I tested at 15inHg for 20 minutes, and low 0.14inHg. If I leave it for 15 hours it drops to 0inHg.
I have read that the seals are acceptable with my current test, but also that the vacuum pump can only simulate up to 10 meters.
Is there a possibility that the ROV can be flooded if I submit it to a depth of 200 meters with my hermetic seal?

Is there a possibility, yes. However, I’d say it’s more likely that your pump leaks. In the build instructions there’s a link for testing the test setup, you should start there. I ended up buying an electric vacuum pump and adding a gauge and a shutoff valve to isolate as many parts as possible.

Sí, el problema era con la bomba de vacío, recibí otro manual. Intentaré tener una bomba eléctrica lo antes posible. Gracias.