Diver detection for vessels


I’m looking for a solution to be installed on a vessel, with the aim of detecting divers in the proximity radius. I wonder if anyone here on the forum has knowledge or can help me.

Hi @sansch.bru, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Appropriate technologies would be largely dependent on the desired proximity, and the expected operating conditions.

As a few ideas:

  • There may be some electric field monitoring approaches that are possible (presumably for close proximity), although that may need to take into account the conductivity of the water
  • Computer vision could be viable (in clear water) if the vessel has its own lighting, or if detection is only important in the day-time in an open water body
    • If this needs to be a long term solution, this approach would require some form of wiper or regular maintenance for de-fouling
  • Sonar may be useful for longer distances


Maybe you can use this equipment that is for ROV’s…you need a battery (4.5-16V) in waterproof box for power supply (consumption is 1w), and a way to attach it to the diver’s back, on the air bottles or something.

Maybe modify a diving light for Power Supply…

Sonar: ROV Locator Bundle Mark II – ceruleansonar

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