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Add a metal detector capability

I’ve been asked if I could use my BR2 (heavy) to search for metal (ferrous) targets. I’ve noticed on occasion the ROV reports ‘mag anomaly’ but I’m not confident this can be used, or was intended to be used for searching for metals.

We’re looking to search for old canons in a debris field. The JWFisher remote unit is too spendy for me. I was looking at the Aquascan AQ1B, but worried about the thruster EMI. Any experiences out there on adding some kind of detector to the BR2?


@k-deboer I mounted a Quest Scuba Tector to my personal BR2. Its a bit tricky to get into “dive” mode, but it should do it automatically once you go beyond a certain depth. I haven’t found anything yet but I’ll probably do some more control tests in a pool in the future.

sounds like you’re going to the mate competition! one simple solution to your query would be to use a magnetic reed switch. attach this to an arduino with a simple switch code and you will be able to determine which one of the cannon shells are metal and which ones are plastic

Thanks Jay,

But no MATE. We’re trying to locate canon, not the ball, from a potential old shipwreck. We want to run the vehicle at some safe distance off the sea floor looking for ferrous metal.

You need to convince Quest to add an external interface port to that thing.

This does indicate a deformation in the magnetic field, but it is not intended for, nor is it sensitive enough for your application.

Thanks Jacob,

That explains it.
I’ve ordered one of those Quest Scuba Tector units Kevin has to try out.

Have you used the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II.
This one is not as expensive as the JWFisher, I think is $640 and it can go up to 200 feet.
Have used it but not attached to BR2, very good detector for underwater.