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Discovery WW2 anti-torpedo net

Working with Prof. Bob Stone and his team from Birmingham Uni, this is a flotation sphere for an anti-torpedo net which was used to protect a dam in the SW England. Vis was >1m so ping 360 was really useful! More to come when the vis. Improves.


how can I put OSD info on my video like this?

Do you have the latest version of the software? If so, playback using VLC media player, it will play the video and .ass file together giving the video overlay.


Great find! Did you find any of the net as well?

Did you have any screen recordings of the ping in action?

Hope the viz improves soon.

Hi, yes, we have found some of the net. If we can find an isolated link we will try to bring it up next time (probably January). The ping just showed a curve of the sphere, but I forgot to put the ping on record :weary: