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Definitive guide to different types of sonars and the data they produce

Hey all! After combing the web for something that succinctly and clearly explains the different types of sonars out there and all the different types of data they can produce - I realized there was nothing out there that made it easy and clear. I found myself trying to piece together physics principals I hadn’t visited in a while and understand nomenclature that actually was referring to the same things. It was a mess.

So I wrote something that I think anyone can understand. You don’t need an engineering or physics degree to get a sense of the differences and potential benefits.

So here’s a guide to all the different types of sonars and the data they produce:

It took a while to put this together, so please share it. It’s especially useful if you’ve been trying to get friends and fam to understand why you want to buy more toys :slight_smile:

I hope the community enjoys it!


Great write up :smiley:

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This is a super helpful article. Thanks very much for creating it. Great resource for a first read for students, as well.
One small suggestion: it’s “principles”, not “principals” (first paragraph:"…balance the underlying physics principals…").
Good stuff!


This is a fantastic contribution to the community. Bookmarked, thank you!

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Oops!! Thank you for letting me know! Changing now :slight_smile:

I hope they all find it consumable!

This is awesome, Anthony! Thanks for the share :slight_smile: