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Sonars Data Collecting

The ROV I use has three sonars. Is there a way I can collect (combine etc.) this data into a file to avoid lag when retrieving data from these sonars? Thanks.

Hi @ugurdemirezen, are they three Ping Sonar Echosounders (presumably facing in different directions), or sonars of different types/brands?

Assuming you’re using three Ping Sonars, you could write a program to get a measurement/ping profile from each one, one at a time with the other two disabled (to avoid interference), and store those results in whatever format you want. As per the product page/technical details, you can interface with Ping devices using Ping Protocol, which we provide Python, C++, and Arduino libraries for.

Note that if you’re reading from the sonars with your own program then you won’t also be able to view the profiles in Ping Viewer unless you also implement the relevant communication requirements between your program and Ping Viewer. If you don’t want to do that but still want a display then you’ll likely need to make your own, either as a topside program that connects to your sonar program, or as a webpage that’s served by your sonar program.

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I will use three different sonar’s data but I guess it will be same code but different sonar ID’s.

Yes, you should be able to control several from one device, although you’ll likely need to set the IDs individually before they’re able to all be connected at once :slight_smile: