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Deep water habitat in Batemans Bay NSW Australia

(Ian) #1

Dave has been diving deeper and deeper into Batemans Bay Marine Park and found some really beautiful creatures:

(Rusty) #2


Very nice! Beautiful footage. Thanks for sharing! Would you guys be willing to share any of the modifications that you made to the ROV?


(Ian) #3

We upgraded the battery carrying capacity and added a new housing for a higher end camera. Dave is loving the reliability of your components at depth and the thin tether. He is working on taking stable footage at ~110m in some current this or next week.

(Rusty) #4


Okay, cool. I’m glad everything is working well. I’m excited to see the footage from 110m. You guys are lucky to have such awesome landscape around for filming!


(Julian Hancock) #5

Dave, very nice, lovely colours.