DC Motors don't work in a Rover with Navigator


We are trying to set up an UGV with the Navigator and BlueOS but we have some problems. We are trying to assemble the same configuration of components used on BlueRov2.

We are using “RoboClaw 2x15A Motor Controller” in place of “Basic ESC” and “DC Brushed motors” instead of “Thruster200”. Has anyone already used this configuration? I think this configuration is compatible and should work. Let me know if it is not compatible. (You can see attached our connections)

We have tested with different joysticks. In “BlueOS Pirate Mode - MavLink Inspector” we have managed to move the motors only forward and backward (although it only works with one particular joystick), but in QGC the motors do not move.
We are able to calibrate the sensors in qground control, however QGC reports “0 channels detected for the transmitter” in radio setup. What can this be due to?

Is there something additional to configure related to RC Transmitter-receiver in Mavlink, QGC or blueOS?

Is it factory pre-configured to operate directly with a joystick or does it have to be modified?

Many thanks in advance!