CyphalStore is live!

Dear comrades,

We are proud to announce the launch of Cyphal Store!

Cyphal Store is an online marketplace, specialized in the distribution of electronics, hardware and software that support OpenCyphal.

You can make use of Cyphal Store in 2 ways:

  • as a buyer: products sold on Cyphal Store undergo rigurous testing (by Zubax Robotics, which helps to asure that no compatibility issues may arise.
  • as a seller: opportunity to help serve the OpenCyphal ecosystem, by developing useful components for the drone/robotics industry.

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Hi @maksim.drachov, welcome to the Blue Robotics forums :slight_smile:

Given our vehicles and components don’t currently have a focus on OpenCyphal compliance, I would recommend you provide some more information about why people in the Blue Robotics community, as well as the broader marine robotics community, would/should be interested in OpenCyphal and your new store.

Random external store links would ordinarily be considered spam in a forum, so we’ll have to remove your post unless you provide some additional context that describes how this one is relevant to the people here.