Customizations on BlueOS

Hi there,

I want to customize the BlueOS. My first goal is to change logos, and then probably I will change some buttons and functionalities.

But here is a problem:

I forked this repo https_github_com_bluerobotics_BlueOS-docker (wrote it with underscore since there is link limit of the forum)
And made this

Then I connect the RPI4 with HDMI to screen. After logging in, I write below-given command
sudo su -c ‘curl -fsSL | bash’

Everything goes well about installation, but at the end there is no change on UI, all logo images are still the same.

Am I missing a point?

Thanks for your help in advance,

Hi @elchinaslanli,

So you’re aware, we’re planning for BlueOS to be both re-skinnable and extensible in future without needing to create a custom fork of it, which should allow for easy customisations while still maintaining the standard upgrade process, without relying on a fork author to pull updates downstream and host their own core images. Once those features are fully enabled the hope is that custom forks will not be necessary (since they fragment the code and user-base), and where possible we intend to work with interested developers to ensure the BlueOS architecture and system meets their needs.

If there are particular aspects you’re interested in being able to change, please let us know so we can take them into account as we flesh out the extension system, and/or so we can work together to make your desired changes possible :slight_smile:

Assuming you want to use your own fork in the meantime, your install script is still downloading bluerobotics docker images, which means it’s running our BlueOS containers. Running your own would require building your own docker images from the code, putting them on docker hub, and pointing the links to the new ones instead of ours.

Hi @EliotBR,

First of all thanks for the detailed answer.

This morning I made it and successfully built the docker core with new logo (Docker Hub) , and then I wanted to change the main colours, but python tests of actions are failed.

I thought that it was about my repo or smth, and deleted my fork and reforked again without any commit. I enable action for the master branch of the BlueOS-docker repository, but error still exists.

Here is my new fork’s ( absolute copy of the master branch) action output,

Could you please help?

Since I`m not familiar with docker, sorry for bothering you :slight_smile:

This isn’t related to docker or your code; we have the same errors. It seems one of our linters got some updates that is raising some new issues with existing code.

I’ve raised a pull request to fix it on our end, so you can either wait for that to be revised (if necessary) and merged before pulling them into your repo, or you can cherry-pick/copy those changes to your repository to at least resolve the errors for now :slight_smile:

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I modified the files manually and made it work. Thanks very much for your effort!

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