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Current and temperature

Hello guys,

I think we have an issue with one of our BlueROV Heavy configuration build.
I’m noticing that in Disarmed state without anything activated the current consumption is 5.8A (plus or minus few miliamps) and the internal temeprature is slowly rising to about 50-52 degrees Celsius. Also I noticed that without started QGC software the CPU load of the companion computer is fluctating between 35 and 50%
Any ideas?!

Hello @Synchron

It is more likely that your power module is misconfigured.

Note that there are two versions of the Power Module out there. We have instructions to identify and setup them here.

The CPU usage should not be a problem. It is mostly caused by mavproxy, which runs regardless of QGC being connected.

OK, but inside QGC I have only Power Module 90A, Power Modeule HV, 3Dr IRIS and Other. I’m running the last QGC 3.2.4 rev.6

We now suggest that people use QGC 4.0, but it still has a few drawbacks.
If you want to stay at 3.2.4, you can get the power module parameters here:

Note that BATT_AMP_OFFSET needs to be set via the parameter, as it is not exposed to the GUI in 3.2.4

Thanks, I will use 4.0. Problem solved!