Connect Pixhawk to the Companion Computer aside from the micro USB port

Hi! We are having a problem with our Pixhawk. Somehow, the female micro usb pin has come off the board and we’re having trouble with connecting the Pixhawk to the companion computer. Is there another way to connect the Pixhawk to the Raspberry Pi? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @yvesyves,

I believe it should work to connect to the DF13 “USB”-labelled port on the front, but you’ll need an appropriate 4-pin DF13 connector to do so.

Alternatively it may be possible to repair/replace the micro USB port, but when connectors get torn off PCBs they usually take the pads with them, so connecting a new port may require fly-wires, and would likely be a quite challenging soldering job.

Hi there, Eliot. Thanks for this. I do believe we have this connector. We’re just looking for the right pinout of the USB. I’ve seen this from:

and would just like to confirm if their connection is correct.

In that thread, Craig Elder’s schematic snippet is correct (and can be confirmed on the fifth page here), and Touotune06’s wiring diagram (with the picture of the Pixhawk) has the wire colours aligned with the correct pins, but the labels they specified for the green and white wires are the wrong way around (i.e. the green wire should be labelled as D+, and the white wire should be labelled as D-) :slight_smile:


Hi there @EliotBR. Thanks for the help! We tried connecting it this way and it works like a charm. Saved us the hassle of having to solder a new port.

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