Compiling QGroundControl on Raspberry Pi


Is it possible to compile QGroundControl so that it runs on a raspberry Pi ?

I had a go at this yesterday but ran into problems with the version of QTCreator on the RPi.
Thought it best if I get some advice before wasting too much time on this.

My idea is to have a waterproof topside box running the s/w rather than carrying a laptop around.



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It is probably possible, but it might not be worth the effort. I am not aware of anyone who has gotten it working. What were your problems?

See also


I found this link on the web.

Everything was going fine until I got to the QTCreator part.

  • The instructions don’t match the version of QT that I installed.

I fumbled around but when I tried to compile said I needed a later version of QT (5.7 I think).

I poked around on the internet and the feedback was version 5.7 is not available for RPi.

This was around am so I gave up and decided to ask the experts as I have never used QT much at all.

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Probably you’ll need to compile Qt, take a look here.

Hi Alan,

I’m interested in how you went with this compling in the end?

I want to do the same thing (compile QGC on Rpi) and found this discussion.

As an alternative to not take a laptop with me wherever the ROV goes for a swim, I am also thinking of getting the ios version of QGC working. Then all I need is my iphone instead of a laptop or a topside box.

Not sure anyone has ever tried it?

I am taking a different approach now.

I am trying to set up a rPi as a hotspot.

Hard wire to the sub on lan and hotspot to my phone or any other device.

Its the simpler solution.

When i sort out i will share

thanks for sharing, Alan

Look forward to your update on that.


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I originally thought about going this route as well but after some quick research found that QGC and RPi seemed to be problematic. Instead, I plan on using an ODROID XU-4 computer in place of the Pi. The XU-4 is about the same size as a pi, slightly larger, but more powerful and will run a full Linux installation. I have it sitting here with all the components but haven’t had a chance to plug it in and boot it up yet. I hopefully will have it up and running in the next week or two if I can get to it and will check back here if I can get it to work.

My idea is to use the rpi to issue ip address of via hotspot to
any android device that connects.

The sub is on so should able to talk between qgroundcontrol on
a tablet/phone and the sub.

I am having issues setting up my wifi driver at the moment on the rpi. Once
i sort that out will see how it goes

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I actually installed win10iot on Rpi but seems can’t install QGC into win10iot. If it does not work, I will have to change to other boards for my surface box.

I got this to work by using the rPi as a hotspot and running qgroundcontrol
on my android phone.

The gamecontroller linked straight away to the phone.

Pretty simple setup

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That sounds neat! I should try that. I wonder if that will work with iphone.

It wasn’t too hard

Just follow this link :

My only advice use a RP3 which has inbuilt wifi. I had all sorts of problems trying to use a RPi2 and USB/Wifi adapters. I went through 3 adapters without luck ! The newer operating system Strecth doesn’t seem to support some of the adapters.

All you need to remember is the sub is and the topside is
I set the bridge to a static ip of

I didn’t bother trying to broadcast to the android phone. I set it manually on the phone.

I am using a Logech F710 Gamepad. I had to buy a OTG cable (small usb port on phone to female USB) to plug the wifi adapter in. Worked without having to do anything further.

Perhaps check that you gamepad will work because i did see on the internet that there are some issues with some of them.

It is currently running like a dream on my phone and will try and get hold of a tablet to make the screen a bit bigger.

Certainly a much simpler set up than trying to compile qgroudncontrol on the Rpi. Which did look like a nightmare when i attempted it.