Companion V.0.0.18 or more

I have read on your site that the current software versions (updated 15 April 2019) of Companion is v0.0.18 (release notes). But when I load it, i find only the version 0.0.17
Could you say me where i can find the last version
Thank you

Did you power-cycle the RPi Companion? I found after that, the version is correct.

But, i forget to said you, i have not used the web adress because i my ROV has not access to WiFi
I used the method described here Software Updates.
Where I have find only the V0.0.17. Have you a new link for findng the last version (without the ROV’s Wifi)

Finally, i have found how to fix my WIFI connexion…and I have upgraded companion with the last version (V0.0.19)

Hi,how do you solve it finally?

Hi @octopus,

Have you seen this post? It discusses how to update, and a fix for a recent wifi issue.

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