Companion 0.0.28 Update!

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released a new stable version of the Companion software! :smiley:

For a formal summary check the release notes, but here are the main points explained:

  • Reduced CPU usage (should reduce/fix video dropouts/poor quality)
  • Fixed bug stopping the heartbeat failsafe from working correctly
  • Fixed bug causing missing Wifi SSIDs (*see below)
  • change default waterlinked underwater gps hostname from waterlinked.local to

Normal Update

If you don’t have missing wifi SSIDs you can update as usual from the System page of the companion web interface

NOTE: this update updates the mavproxy library so will generally take ~20 minutes to complete (expect slow progress on the arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc lines). If your ROV enclosure is accessible, it may be faster to download and directly flash the image onto the Raspberry Pi SD card.

Missing Wifi SSIDs

The missing wifi SSIDs issue was caused by a problem in the update process from the 0.0.22 release, so to fix it requires either:

  1. Directly flashing a more recent image (than 0.0.22) onto the Raspberry Pi SD card (requires opening the enclosure)


From the companion web interface Git page (

  1. Select the desired remote, local for Blue Robotics repository.
  2. Click in tags to open the available options.
  3. Select the 0.0.21 tag, it’ll be highlighted when selected.
  4. Click Update to perform the roll back
  5. Connecting to your wifi network using the Network page (if not already connected)
  6. Updating with the normal ‘Update’ button from the System page

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Regarding Waterlinked there is an old bug with Waterlinked Gen2.
Willian has helped me with a temporary solution hacking the 0.0.26 script to hardwire Companion Waterlinked script to instead of name resolution.
Since I do not see that in release note for 0.0.27 I guess that problem persist?

Btw @EliotBR if you talk to Willian, I think my resent mails to him is caught in BR mailfilter, please ask him to contact me…

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That’s now fixed in 0.0.28, along with some other minor updates of stuff that got missed in the 0.0.27 update. @gcelec you should be good to update your Water Linked ones now too :slight_smile:

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I want to integrate Water Linked DVL A50 into BlueROV2.
When I access, I accidentally delete orign.
Is there any way to restore it?

Hi @yuki,

Please update to Companion 0.0.31 - DVL functionality is now merged into the main Companion software, so you shouldn’t need to install/enable it via git.

For reference, it’s possible to add additional remotes via the Git page (which you were on), by adding a name and repository link :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks!!!

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