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Coaxial cable for tether

Hello all!

New to BlueROV here, just recently assembled the standard kit and on the way to sea trials in a couple of days. I was wondering if someone has had any experience with usage of coaxial cables instead the TP Tethers that are recommended. We did some tests with ~30m of coaxial RG58 cables and everything seems fine. I am concerned about signal attenuation and possible interferences (not so much about buoyancy which can be solved different ways). Any pointers/thoughts/suggestions would be great. Thanks!

ps. Here is the assembly timelapse! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWI62Hrc3UE

I had good results with app 150 m coaxial, but no connection through a 500 m cable, could be due to loss in connectors though…

Yes, we’ve used stranded RG59 over 100m with no problems. Haven’t tested anything longer. I don’t think interference will be a problem-the standard BR2 tether uses unshielded conductors and works fine (and using the homeplug system means that twisted/untwisted doesn’t really matter).

Be sure to use stranded coax for permanent installations, as a solid coax (which is the majority of types sold) is not built to flex and will fail over time