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Change Mode Arudocopter 3.2.1

Hi everyone i was trying to change the mode for an arducopter v3.2.1 but i was unable to achive this, first i try with the dronekit api as simple as vehicle.mode = ‘MODE’ bot i got an unsoported COMMAND_ACK: DO_SET_MODE : UNSUPPORTED then i try with the mavlink command using pymavlink api like in this example https://www.ardusub.com/developers/pymavlink.html the code works but nothing happens, and then with mavutil.mavfile.send() and also didnt work i want to recall that thats the only thing that its not working


Hi @dairoca90,

These forums are focused on ArduSub, you should try the Ardupilot Forums instead. You also seem to be running an ancient version of ArduCopter, which makes things harder. I would guess that the SET_MODE should be used instead.

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