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Cerulean S500 sonar

Hi Team,

Has any one had experience connecting directly to the Cerulean S500 sonar via a LAN connection. I want to connect the sonar with Ping viewer via my windows laptop.

What is the factory IP address?
What UPD host port would it need to use?

Hi @show-bag,

I haven’t tried using Cerulean’s products, so not sure about the connection specifics. It’s perhaps relevant to check their API Documentation, and if not perhaps @dennysb can help further :slight_smile:

Hello Michael, I will get back toy tomorrow WED with the info.

Thank you!

It’s x.x.x.92 . Only the last octet matters.

If your device is, and you send a ping protocol packet to, the sounder will take that address.

What UDP port would the sounder default to with the xx.xx.xx.92 IP address so ping viewer can access the device

Thanks again for your help!

The UDP port is 51200. Both the IP and the Port are hardwired in the firmware and cannot be changed for the time being.

Great bit of kit, Thanks for the support!