Celsius Temprature Sensor I2C Address crash

I am using Celsius Temp sensor on Raspberry+Navio2. I hooked up it onto GPIO2 and GPIO3 (Raspi I2C-1 port) but then realized that it is using the same I2C address with Navio2 (0x77) and because of that cannot get healthy readings. I know there is possibility to change address of TSYS01 board, but need to break it. Is there any way to change address from SDA and SCL pins.
Thanks for answers.

And sorry for bad English.

The address is chosen physically, by setting pins. There is no way to change the address via SDA/SCL, sorry.

Hi Ismail,

You will need to check your kernel version, but it’s possible to use some gpios as I2C with raspberry, check it here, the clock is limited but you can use the lights with this one.

@jwalser If I remove the sensor coverage and access the board can I chage it?

It’s possible, but I do not recommend it. It will be very difficult to remove the epoxy without damaging the board.

We offer the pcb without epoxy in our store.

Another option is to remove the interferring i2c device (barometer probably) from the navio2 with a soldering iron.

Are you building a vehicle? Do you need 0.1C resolution temperature measurement (you could use the bar30 for temperature)? What are your requirements?

@jwalser Yes I am building a device and temp measurement and sensitivity is the most important part of it.
Now I am planning to use I2C device multiplexer and hook up sensors directly on it.