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Cave diving for the BlueROV2

(Luc) #1

In the south of France, in Toulon, a team of cave divers explore the « Saint-Antoine » spring. Behind a sump, they discover a mysterious drowned gallery, with collapsed wood beams and planks. The gallery being very unstable, it is considered too dangerous to be explored by divers. This is where the BlueROV2 comes in !
With the help of the divers, it’s going to discover this strange gallery …

Want to see more ?

The video is here

(Christian) #2

Niiiice :wink:

(Luc) #3

Thank you !

(Rusty) #4

@luc-rossi - This is amazing! Very nice work. Do you mind if we share this on our social media?

(Luc) #5

Hi Rusty,
of course you can !
Here’s another picture, it’s a bit blurry, but i love it !