Cameras for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin

Hi Guys,

I am looking for an OEM camera for my Robotic ARM project. Can anyone suggest me a camera that can be compatible with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin development kit?

I came across e-con Systems’ cameras that can be compatible with Jetson AGX Orin. Has anyone tried e-con Systems’ cameras before?

The listed cameras are perfectly suiting my needs. But I would like to know if any other options are available in the market.

It would be great if you could suggest me the same.

Hi @SophiaJackson, welcome to the Blue Robotics forum :slight_smile:

This forum is about marine robotics, and a question about specific camera compatibility with a computer that is not commonly used in marine robotics is unlikely to receive much help from the community here, as it’s outside most of our experience.