Camera not recording

Hello was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out.

Got the bluerov 2 with heavy upgrade. sailing fine no issue. Although when trying to record or take photos it doesn’t save or start recording.

Error MAV_CMD_DIGICAM_CONTROL not supported.
Got a live feed via UDP h264
Force DirectX3D 11 (as per forum advice)
Firmware 4.0.3
Companion 0.0.31 stable

Tried re installing qground, companion and ArduSub software as per other forum advice. But keep getting missing files or bug in software. Download from links on here.

Hopefully photos can help.

Hi @Dominic, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Video recording is expected to work though. Which QGroundControl version are you using? At this point 4.1.7 is our latest recommended version :slight_smile:

Hi Eliot

Thank you for your response

I’ve managed to update to v4.2.2. I believe this is the newest version. And it’s working now it’s added a shortcut to the folder where videos are saved. (Couldn’t find it before)

Maybe it was working just couldn’t find where they were being saved. Thanks for the heads-up about he photos will consider upgrade.

Although still getting the missing files error. But it’s not affecting my use. Will try v4.1.7 tomorrow


It is indeed, and was released just a couple of days ago. It was decided earlier today that we would start recommending it, although given it’s very new there may be some teething issues like these missing parameter messages (which I’ve now confirmed with 4.2.2, and raised internally to try to get fixed) - they shouldn’t be harmful, but are a bit annoying.

4.1.7 has been our recommended version for a while, so is less likely to have unknown issues, but will be missing some of the latest features and improvements. Take your pick for now - I expect there’ll be an improved patch release this week or next.

Following up, 4.2.3 has now been released, and fixes the missing parameter messages :slight_smile: