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Buoyancy foam blocks for optimal stability

(Oystein Skarholm) #1

After trying the BlueROV in water with some current and long tether I experience that the ROV tilts when fighting the tether drag. The tether is now connected to the aft of the ROV and I will soon test it to see the behavior with the tether connected to the top of he ROV.
As the ROV is quite powerful it is also very quick in motion/reaction and thus the video recordings will reflect this. What I am looking for is a smooth motion.
One way to do this is to add weight (as low as possible and as far aft and fwd as possible) I am thinking in the ballpark of 10kg mass. For this, new buoyancy will be necessary, most likely covering the whole top of the ROV to get the height as low as possible to reduce drag. A heavier ROV will create more inertia and therefor smoother behavior during operation, especially with gain above 25%. Also the stability will be better because of the heavy bottom part, creating a counterforce against tilting.
Where can I get hold of buoyancy foam blocks about the area size of the BR2 ( 450 *340 )mm and approx 100mm height? The intention is to shape the block and make cut outs for the vertical thrusters.

(TCIII) #2

BR sells Subsea Buoyancy Foam.

(Oystein Skarholm) #3

Thanks I see that now you mention it…how did I not see that? makes everything more simple