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Bluerov2 Heavy vs Deep Trekker DTG3

Hi all,
These two units are the best available to me for a working ROV, each supplier in turn recommends me against the other - of course.

I like that the Bluerov2 heavy is customisable, though I like that the DTG3 is rapidly deployable. Operating in current is very important to me.

Can anyone here provide on the ground feedback on this comparison? Which do you prefer and why? How do the units stack up in usability? (I can easily compare stats/battery life/depth ect, but I want to hear how they function in the water!)


The BlueROV2 is VASTLY more capable than the DTG3. With the DTG3 you can only move in one direction at a time and your control is crude at best. It’s like one of those games where there’s a marble on a board or table and you tilt the whole thing around to try to steer the marble into a little hole, except it’s in 3D and your only view is from the marble’s perspective on a tiny screen. You really only have the ability to control anything when you’re moving, so trying to stay put and get a good look at anything is like balancing a plate on tip of a long pole that you’re holding in one hand while running around with a blindfold on. The BlueROV2 Heavy has total control in all dimensions and you can add any equipment you want without any help from BlueRobotics. Honestly this comparison is like comparing a modern DJI Mavic 2 quadcopter with a little rubber-band-powered balsawood plane. DeepTrekker does make very sturdy and reliable gear that is simple to get working, but their old-school ROVs are hopeless. Their new Revolution vehicle looks pretty decent and should have much of the capability of the BlueROV2 Heavy, but then you are stuck needing DeepTrekker’s expensive help and parts if you want to add anything to it.