BlueROV USB camera - Change H264 Profile


The BlueROV USB Camera is using the H264 Profile “Main”. Is it possible to configure it to use baseline instead?

If not, is there any other recomandations on camears using baseline profile?

Hi @thorleif,

there are a few cameras that give control over the profile through the v4l controls API, which means it will be available as a control, just like when using a Raspberry Pi camera:


unfortunately, this is not the case with our h264 BR camera :frowning:

Do you mind sharing why you specifically want a baseline profile?

Thank you

I’ve developed my own control software, I’m using a library to convert h264 to html video so I can stream it in my browser with around 80-120ms delay. This library only handles baseline cameras.

Cool, for that kind of application, I’d suggest you use our WebRTC instead, which is available on most platforms and browsers and supports different h264 profiles. A code example is available on the Mavlink Camera Manager repository.

Hope it helps, thanks!

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That might be a lot better, but I’m not a developer so what I’ve created is kinda a ratsnest. I might upgrade later on to something which supports more. But currently this works :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, that’s fair.

Feel free to ask questions about WebRTC integration by creating an issue there on the Mavlink Camera Manager repository :slight_smile: