BlueOS v1.2.2 keeps reverting to factory

About every second time I reboot, BlueOS has reverted to factory 13805475 and I have to apply 1.2.2.

Hi @gcelec -
This should definitely not happen! Are you updating the bootstrap after you update to 1.2.2? Doing this should resolve your issue - look for the yellow button post update, in BlueOS versions next to the installed version. If you’ve done this and BlueOS is still reverting to factory, let us know!

Hi @tony-white,
When I booted the BR2 this morning, it had reverted to factory so I reverted to 1.2.2 but can you remind me how to see the yellow bootstrap button?


It’s OK - I waited a while and refreshed the image a few times until the yellow bootstrap button appeared. I will reboot the system a few times and see if that has fixed it.

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Applying the bootstrap fixed the problem. Thanks for your help!

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