BlueOS compatible with Pixhawk?

I’m trying to get all the BlueROV in the lab have the same setup.
I have 2 R4 with the new BlueOS + Navigator, and an old R3 (or earlier) with Companion + Pixhawk.

Is there an issue if I put BlueOS on the vehicle that has the Pixhawk?
Anything to watch out for?


Hi @msis, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

No, that should be fine. BlueOS can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, and is compatible with the Pixhawk flight controller :slight_smile:

BlueOS 1.0 performs Pixhawk firmware updates in a similar way to Companion, which was somewhat unreliable. Recent BlueOS 1.1 beta versions have robustness improvements to that process, and are also able to perform recovery updates (if a firmware flashing fails partway through) without needing to open the enclosure, so if you’re planning to update the Pixhawk firmware I’d recommend first updating to BlueOS 1.1.

That’s awesome. Thank you :smile: !

I can replace RPi with a 4 too if needed.

Is there an image I can easily download or should I clone the SD card of the new ones?
I prefer the first option so I only open one vehicle.

That shouldn’t be necessary unless you want to use a Navigator, although it may be desirable for some processing speedups and improved expandability in future.

The latest stable version is available on the installation page. Alternatively you could download a image for a recent beta version from the Assets in the GitHub releases.

I have been able to update to the latest BETA and run the calibration and all.

Thank you for your help.

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