BlueOS camera manager RTSP feed from IP camera

Thanks for the fast response @joaoantoniocardoso.

BlueOS 1.1.1.
QGC v4.1.6

I setup the Fake stream and managed to get that to work, and then switched to the Redirect Source stream and actually it is working… I was just put off by the message “source unavailable”.

We have added the IP camera to look down as we fly the ROV horizontally. The plan was to use the low-res sub-feed to view as we fly while recording the high-res IP camera stream. I managed to set this up on Cockpit to look like this:

Looks to be working - but gives this message when you first open Cockpit.

Of course it would be nice to be able to record via QGC or Cockpit, but I can’t see a way to configure both IP camera streams (only one Redirect Stream) and I’m not sure what the CPU burden would be… I’d be happy with VLC recording on the high-res stream and QGC or Cockpit getting the low-res monitor view.

Any further advice appreciated. Loving Cockpit!

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