BlueOS 1.1.1, update kernel, video manager stops running

I just installed the BlueOS version 1.1.1 into my PI4. I need to compile an extra kernel module. I performed an ‘apt update’ then ‘apt upgrade’ in order to get the linux-headers, and now the Mavlink-camera-manager is no longer running.

Is this a known issue? How can I solve this, as I do need to build an external kernel module.

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Mark Kozikowski

added information:
i created a redirect video stream. Upon reboot, the Mavlink-camera-manager log shows repeated:
component 1:100 failed to reconnect to MAVLink endpoint “tcpout:”, trying again in one second. Reason, ConnectionRefused

Apparently, this is a Raspberry PI issue. Seems that they made some changes in how they update. The kernel is updated to 64 bit, but the apps remain at 32 bit.
I added the following to the /boot/config.txt file : arm_64bit=0
Then I rebooted the PI.
All is back to the way it should be.
AND, I can successfully load the correct linux-headers.
without this addition to config.txt, the kernel name was ‘6.1.21-v8+’, but the headers were only good for
After the reboot, kernel name is ‘6.1.21-v7l+’ and the corrected linux headers are installed.

Sorry for the confusion.



Hi @mark

Thanks for the feedback on how you solved it! This is something we (or other people) will probably face in the future as well!

Have a great week!

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