BlueBoat additional buoyancy recommendation?


For use cases involving payloads heavier than 33 lbs, any recommendations for adding buoyancy to the vehicle?

Some ideas I had were using additional BlueBoat hull pieces and attaching them, or getting some buoyancy foam and attaching those at the bottom of the boat (janky).


Hi @epark_triton - welcome to the forums!
Certainly the easiest option you mention would be adding buoyancy foam to the keels of the boat, perhaps by passing a bolt through it and the mounting holes. You could sand the foam to a hydrodynamic shape with smooth transitions.

(12x6x1" pictured)
While easy to work with, subsea foam like this may be overkill, as it is rated for depths the BlueBoat (should) never reach! Something lighter duty may provide more buoyancy.

It would be very cool to 3D print a mold, and over-mold 2-part expanding urethane foam to add buoyancy without using fasteners! Scuffing up the hull for a good bond, and using lots of mold relief on the faces of the mold is a good thing not to miss.
I’ve also thought about kayak outrigger pontoons fitted under the main cross-bars.

Combining multiple BlueBoat hulls is an interesting idea! It would be interesting to make a boat with 4 hulls, with connecting crossbars holding them in a large square or rectangle. Or towing a BB with no motors behind a normal unit?

Hello @epark_triton !

For my part i added two halfs of buoys used on fishing longlines.
It allows me to have a maximum payload of 35kg for now.

I attached the buoys on the BlueBoat payload bracket.

Really cheap, easy to install and super efficient.

Have a good day

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Thanks Tony and Mravitch for the ideas!