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Blue, Green, and White Wires

The standard Blue Robotics wiring is always blue, green and white. In the past I’ve always used t100s (no longer sold, unfortunately,) and wording has not been an issue. However, I’m trying out an old, recycled DT700 motor for kicks, and wanted to verify which wires of the ESC went to which wires on this third party motor (red, black, white wire config.)

Much Appreciated!

Hi @WiskiExplorers, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Our Basic ESC and Blue ESC (no longer sold) will happily connect to and drive a suitable back-emf-driven 3-phase brushless-DC (BLDC) motor’s phases in any order (where suitable is defined by the electrical specifications/limits). As is, our thruster phase windings aren’t consistently assigned to the same wires, so it’s sometimes relevant to switch one of the pairs to change the direction if a particular direction is required (for cases where it can’t be handled in software).

From a quick look online it seems like the DT700 has a max voltage of 13, so make sure you’re powering it appropriately.