Blue Boat, how to stop buoys getting caught in the middle?

Hi all,

I was wondering if you’ve ever had to design something to put on the front of your Blue Boat to stop medium-sized buoys from getting caught up in the middle section of the catamaran—like some kind of buoy-cowcatcher. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


Hi @ntreiman -
That’s a cool idea! Have you experienced your BlueBoat being caught up on floats like that? If so, what kind of floats were they? I’ve seen the BlueBoat pass over small crap-trap floats without issue, and ones that are higher off the water than the cross-bar can definitely bring the vehicle to a stop. Are you hoping to eliminate the “pocket” the vehicle has at the front, and let it deflect off of large buoys it may encounter?

I would think two tent poles or similarly strong but bendable elements, secured to run parallel from back to front of the boat would work - the ends that extend out the front would just need to be bent together and secured so as to form a point. Something like this would let you deflect off of objects that would otherwise hit the cross-bars? They’re not particularly high off the water, especially if you’re using a significant fraction of the BlueBoat payload capacity…