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Blowing 15 AMP Fuse

(Joe) #1

We just received our four T-100 Thrusters and one of the motors has a lighter shade of anodizing on the BlueESC and that motor blows a 15 AMP fuse at 12volts when simply connecting the power. Can you send us out another?


(Rusty) #2

Hi Joe,

I responded to your email and we’ll get this taken care of right away.



(Joe) #3

Now another one of the motors that we ordered is not working. It does not draw 15 amps like the last broken motor, but it blows a 5 amp fuse with no signal at 12 volts. It seems weird to us that 2 out of 5 motors that we have tried to use have gone bad. We need to exchange this motor for one that works.



(Rusty) #4


Bummer! I’ve responded to your email about this and we’ll get it taken care of immediately!



(Joe) #5


Thank you for your assistance and your quick customer service. The replacement motors are working great!


(Joe) #6

We have a problem with another one of the original motors we received. Sent an email.

(Rusty) #7


Thanks - Already responded to the email.


(Joe) #8

I’m sorry, I haven’t received the email.


(Rusty) #9

No worries - sent again. Let me know if you don’t get it.