Battery charging problem with balancing connector

I am having trouble getting the H-6 Pro load balance to recognize the four cells so it will charge. Is this connector repairable? Could it be another issue causing this?

Finally got it to start charging after a lot of plug/unplug and wiggling wires.

It has been temperamental since I received it.


Hi @wjwalker,

Do you know whether this is an issue with your battery wires or your charger? In particular, are the individual cell wires fully seated in the balance connector, or are they partially pulled out?

That connector type is completely passive, so repairing the battery side would require more fully seating the wires in it, or replacing the connector (and possibly the crimps on the wires), whereas replacing the charger side would require disassembling the charger and soldering on a new connector. On our H6 Pro Charger product page the technical details specify that the balance port uses a 7-pin JST-XH connector, so that’s the connector type you’d need to buy for a repair, with the relevant crimps and crimping tool if necessary. It’s worth noting that doing such a repair incorrectly could end up shorting together different battery cells and potentially causing damage or even an explosion, so I wouldn’t recommend doing so if you’re not already experienced with connector installations.

On a separate note, if you’ve received a product from us that doesn’t work properly then that’s more of a problem for us to deal with than you, in which case I’d recommend contacting to let them know what’s been going on, and an order number / rough order date. If we or our processes are at fault then we should be able to send you a replacement of the relevant product or component (most likely a product in this case, since the components in question aren’t easily swappable).