Battery charged

How is your Lithium-ion Battery charged? Does it come with a battery charger, Normal charging time for battery used for four hour dive?

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The Li-ion batteries do not come with a charger. Battery charge time will depend on the wattage of your charger. There is a recommended charger listed in the build section of the web page. Batteries should be fully charged for safety before using no matter how long a dive is intended. Charge and dis-charge will vary with manufacturer recommendations of your charger.

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Hi William,

Todd covered most of your questions. The normal charging time depends on the charger you pick, but with the recommended charger it’s about 2-2.5 hours to charge our recommended battery.


Thanks Rusty for the reply.
And what battery charger do you recommend for your charger?

Is the leadtime still two weeks?

I’m thinking about ordering within the next 10 days or more.

I am ordering the GoPro mount any additional accessories you would recommend.

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This seems to be the preferred charger - Turnigy Reaktor 300W 20A AC/DC, also known as the Thunder 0620AC

my charger, HItec X2 charged the LiPo-4S , 14.8v 18,000mahr battery to 18 volts! then said, over charged.
i charged at 10amps.
it took about and hour. is this correct?
cell voltages were around 3.56v

What are the cell voltages after charging? 18 Volts is not good, you should try to discharge it back down to 16.8V. Make sure on your charger, you are set up for lithium polymer batteries.

The battery label says Lithium-Ion?
I used LiPo and that seem to cause the over charge.
I switched to Li Ion and it showed a lower charging voltage.
should I set up for discharge and try the Li-Ion charge again?

Shoot, you might be right. I was charging LiPos all last week flying my Quad :slight_smile: On my charger it does 4.2V/cell for LiPo, but I’m not sure if it’s the same for every charger. I’m calling on @adam for help.

Hi Doyle,

LiPo mode is generally what you want to use on our Lithium Ion pack, as long as the termination voltage is 4.20V.

The only difference between the two battery modes is the termination voltage. Older lithium-ion cell chemistries had a lower termination voltage, hence the need for a separate lithium-ion charge mode. Our battery is comprised of modern lithium-cobalt-oxide cells with a termination voltage of 4.20V just like lithium polymer packs, so lipo mode works fine. Some chargers with separate lipo and li-ion modes are designed for the older li-ion cell chemistries, terminate at a lower voltage, and do not fully charge our battery. Thus we recommend sticking to lipo charge mode.

If each of your cells are at about 3.56V, this does not add up to 18V. 3.56*4=14.24V. If your charger was reporting 18V, then something was wrong with it. This matches almost exactly to a 5S battery at 3.56V/cell, I suggest you check your charger is operating properly, as well as confirm the cell termination voltage is set to 4.20V.