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Basic ESC / T100 Intensity Lecture

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know if there is an easy way to read the intensity through a T100 thruster while running. Do we have to insert an ammeter, and if yes, where ? Between power supply and ESC (DC 12V) or between ESC and thruster ?




If you put a DC ammeter between the DC supply and the power input to the ESC you will be measuring both the current consumed by the ESC and the current it is sending to the Thruster with no actual way to cull out just the current being delivered to the Thruster. Since brushless motors are really AC devices, it might be hard to try and measure the AC current being sent to the Thruster.

Thanks, this what I thought…Do you recommend any ammeter device that would be accurate and reliable ?



Most multimeters will work for this, however many of them have 10 amp fuses. Since the thrusters usually draw more than that you may have to find a solution that can handle more current. There are a number of current sensors available from pololu.com that can measure higher currents.


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