ESC Power Dissipation

Hi Team,

I am currently working on a power-conscious application using your T200 thrusters and companion ESCs. I have gotten to the point that I need to accurately measure how much power an ESC is dissipating while supplying power to a T200(i.e. the ESC efficiency). Im not so certain that using your provided PWM vs. Output Power datasheet graph will be an accurate way to establish an accurate efficiency rate. Do you have any suggestions how I might be able to accomplish this? I was thinking about current probing a series resistor with the T200 but in order to not too badly affect the current, the resistor would have to be a pretty massive power resistor(which I do not have the means to acquire). Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

One old school trick of measuring high current is by inserting a short thick lead, with very low resistance.
Then you measure the voltage drop over that.

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That’s clever! I will definitely use that idea. Thank you