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BAR30 vs. dive computer sensors (accuracy, reliability, ,,,)

How is this sensor compared to those in various SCUBA integrated dive computers (to which most people unquestionably trust their lives…)?

I’d like to use various Blue sensors, incl BAR30, to create a tag-along independent logger that isn’t a slave to proprietary computer interfaces–but it should be at least as accurate and repeatable.


The data sheets for the MS5837 pressure sensors will be found in the ‘Learn’ tab of the product page. You should take note of the absolute accuracy, and the RMS Resolution & Maximum Error (precision). You mentioned our Bar30, but we have an even more precise model called the Bar02. The relevant section of the MS5837 pressure sensor used in the Bar02 is pictured here:

I’m not sure what sensors are used in dive computers, so I don’t know how they will compare. It would be interesting if we can find what they’re using to make a direct comparison.

We do not recommend designing safety critical systems around our components. Unless otherwise noted, they have not been designed or certified for such applications.

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