Bar30 Accuracy Ranges

Hello, I was wondering first if the Bar30 accuracy could be considered to match the MS5837-30BA datasheet as far as increased accuracy for smaller ranges. Second, I was wondering what that actually means! On the MS5837-30BA datasheet for instance it lists an accuracy of +/- 50 mbar for a range of 0 to 6 bar. Does that mean that when operating in shallow water (say less than 60 meters) then we can indeed expect greater accuracy than the +/- 200 mbar when operating in depths up to 300 meters?

Hi @justin_time,

Our Bar30 is a convenient and accessible packaging of the MS5837-30BA sensor. We haven’t made efforts to change the sensor’s signal, so the datasheet should apply.

That does match what the datasheet says, although as it specifies the accuracy limits might be ± 75 mbar instead, depending on the sensor version (which is apparently readable from PROM word 0, bits [11:5]).

If you look at the typical “pressure error vs pressure” curve (top left on page 5) you can see that the error tends to be reasonably flat at low pressures, but increases substantially as the pressure increases.

Thank you @EliotBR , that is what I was expecting in regards to the datasheet, but just wanted to make sure.

Thank you for the explanation of the pressure error and curve - a quick human description goes a long way sometimes!

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