Bar30 operating temperature

I wanted to ask if the temperature range 2 to 40C applies only to the temperature sensor part and not the pressure part of the sensor since I intend to use the sensor in a glacier lake.

Hi @yhof, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The temperature reading is used for compensation in the pressure reading, so if it applies to temperature then it also applies to pressure.

That said, having just looked at the sensor datasheet it doesn’t actually mention a specific operating temperature range for in water use, so I’ve asked internally to try to find out where that’s from. It’s possible that’s supposed to be the higher accuracy region specified in the datasheet, in which case it may work fine in colder temperatures but just have the lower accuracy specified in the datasheet.

Thanks, do you already have more information?

I don’t yet have a definitive response, although one of our R&D engineers suggested that the stated ranges might just be what we’ve validated the sensors to. I’ve brought it up again and will hopefully have a more concrete response soon :slight_smile:

Update on this,

I’m unsure whether @Marruger was using a Bar30 or Bar100 in their antarctic testing, but this (and the rest of their notes) may be worth a read: