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BAR30 sensor drifting when being submersed continuously. Will Bar02 and Celcius sensor work?

We are using the BAR30 sensor to monitor water level and temperature, where it is being submersed continuously at 0.5-10m depth for up to a year at the time. We noticed the temp and depth didnt make sense, and found out you had to dry it off every day for it to be correct. This is not an option for us.

Here are my questions:

  • Can we trust the temperature reading from the BAR30 sensor over time, even though it is submersed?

  • Will the Bar02 sensor have the same issues?

  • Will the Celsius fast respons temperature sensor drift over time, or can it be trusted to work a year at the time under water?

  • If none of the BR depth sensors work, do you know any good alternatives that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, and is about the same form factor as the BR sensors?


Hi Magnus,

Here are my answers to these questions:

  • We haven’t tested the long term affect of submersion on temperature readings, however the footnote in the datasheet about drying off the sensor does not apply to the temperature accuracy, according to the datasheet, so I would expect the temperature to be more stable.

  • The Bar02 has the same footnote and very similar construction so I think it will function in the same manner.

  • The Celsius sensor should not have any substantial drift over time, submerged or not.

  • If you can’t use the Bar02, Bar30, or Celsius, then you could consider the Bar100, but it is overkill in terms of range and is much more expensive. You could also buy the raw sensor for that separately from Keller.