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Bar30 compatible Dropix?

Hi, I’m about to buy a Bar30 and i’m equiped with a dropix (Drotek)

  1. What should I buy to make it perfectly compatible with the dropix please ?

  2. I’ll only use it from 0 to 1,2 meter (but the Bar02 U is not compatible Arduno) will it work fine ? What precision please for that range of depth ?

  3. The atmosphéric pressure has an impact on the mesurement. How do you manage ?

Thanks a lot for your advices. Sam

@Samathey So we haven’t tested a Dropix with ArduSub. Does it load and work fine otherwise?

You will probably want an I2C Splitter Board to connect the DF-13 connector to your board. I looks like you need some jumper wires in there too.

The accuracy is +/- 50mbar = .5m at best. So the sensor is accurate to .5m from the accepted pressure standard.

The Bar30 has a resolution of 0.2mbar (Page 3, Resolution RMS) =2.04mm. So the sensor can read up to 2mm in changes.

For the atmospheric pressure, there is a Calibrate Pressure option in QGC.