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Bar30 drift and out of bounds measurement


Hi There,

We have a Bar30 hooked up to a Nvidia Jetson TX2 and we are getting some very strange readings:

The orange line (“PRESSURE”) represents the measurements coming from the BAR30, the other (“INT_PRESSURE”) is from a BMP280 sensor.

Even though this is all in air, it still looks strange to me and it’s close to impossible to do anything with this data, since a reliable depth measurement cannot be obtained. Have you ever seen anything like this?

I also read the other topics here and all the links from there, but that all shows different behaviour.

I used the python library from your GitHub with small adjustments for python3 and using the smbus2 module as drop-in replacement for smbus.

As a question to test this in water, can I submerge the whole sensor? Or should the “wire” end remain dry? Thanks!


(Jacob) #2

Hi, Please contact support@bluerobotics.com for a replacement, this is strange behavior.

You should not submerge the wire end of the sensor penetrator housing.