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Automatic power off


So we’re trying to develop an elegant way to cut battery power to the all the electronic components once the battery has reached its lower safe threshold. This is because we have on multiple occasions forgotten to disconnect the battery and have drained our lipo batteries to points where we do not want to attempt to recharge them. Our use case for development will likely cause this to happen many more times.

I wanted to know if anyone has tried something along these lines. From my understanding the pixhawk power module can sense current and voltage and reports this data to the pixhawk. Has anyone tried to get the pixhawk to signal a relay to cut power. Does this sound like a good idea? Are we better off with a normal battery protection circuit?

I would appreciate any experience, advice, info on this matter, and thanks in advance!

(Jacob) #2

Hi, If you use the pixhawk/relay, then the pixhawk will need it’s own independent power supply so that it can keep the relay activated. I think it is better to find a dedicated battery protection circuit. There are some posts on these forums about people who have added some switches, but I don’t know if any of them have added automatic cut-out.