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Australian Gurus?

Any BlueROV gurus in Australia? In WA even better.
Looking for a bit of pocket money?
Ive got a custom build running bluerov gear, i assembled it and had it running but a malfunctioning connection threw a spanner in the works. Ive tried fault finding but simply dont have the time nor the knowhow to get it working in a timely manner.
Want someone to get it back up and running with the potentially to be ongoing tech support.

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Hi we can help but may be a little far away as we are in tasmania.
My email is kelsey@sosub.com.au


Hi mberry,

We are happy to help. Please call us on 0488005080.

We are Perth based and will be happy to help.

Kind regards


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We can also help if you still need it but we are in Sydney: iholmes@undersearov.com

Cheers mate