ASV to Hydrographic Survey

Dear All,
Hi everyone, I wanted to share the ASV project for the hydrographic surveys. The hull is based on a catamaran building to a seaplane RC. The dimensions are about 1.60 in length for about 1.0 m of width. Tomorrow I should receive the components I bought from bluerobotics (Nido robotics reseller in Spain) or complete electronics, two batteries Esc, pixhawk, 2 T200, to this we add a radio Taranis x9d plus with receiver xr8 and n. 4 servants. The first step will be to install everything probably as first tests in RC mode and then later in autopilot. Also in the first phase I envisage the integration of a singlebeam garmin model 400c and a Trimble R6 RTK with a TSC3 controller for the recording of position and bathymetric data. The second step will be to integrate a Kongsberg M3 multibeam, an INS Applanix Pos MV Surfmaster platform and a PC for managing and transmitting data with the Qps Qinsy software and of course a ground station, I have seen the work done by the Searobotics guys that is really fantastic and on which I inspire for my project obviously in scale and with results inferior to those achieved by them. I invite everyone to give me advice and support, I will try from day to day to update the post with photos. Thanks in advance.


Dear All, yesterday i receive the component to Bluerobotics (elettrical package and truster T200). Today i try to config the all setting, but i have some perplessity.
Where I can find a diagram that shows me how to connect battery esc, ubec, thruster and pixhawk? Thanks in advance.

You can find connection diagrams for the BlueROV2 here, and some more generalized diagrams at

Many thanks Jacob, your help is more appreciated. BR

today I installed qg controller and I started the first operations to take familiarity with the software. I’m asking myself, however, if I pre-manage my ASV is more convenient to use QG controll or Mission Planner? Probably it is a stupid question but I prefer to have doubts that go on without more opinions.
Another question: premise that I intend to manage my ASV with only the thuster without any rudder, I’m setting the controls on my radio control and I thought to set the gas on the left stick and to change direction use the stickof the right. Do you have any seal to give me type settings from software or other suggestions?
And finally I saw on the forum that other users have created deflector for thrusters against seawed, given that I intend to use them only for private use, someone can send me the files in .stl to print them in 3D (thruster T200 without esc). Thanks to everyone in advance

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