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USV Single Beam Survey

Hi Folks,

I am looking to incorporate the T200 thrusters and Ping Sonar on a body board to do a single beam survey of a small freshwater pond. I intend on using Ardurover and the Pixhawk 2.4.6 as the mission planner/autopilot. My question is- would it be better to use a Raspberry Pi or Arduino Mega for this application? Which is the better/safer option when working with these voltages? Which one would there be more online support for integrating these components together for a novice marine roboticist?


Hi @Slarskey,

You don’t need an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi for interfacing, as of the latest Rover release, you can just connect it straight to a serial port: https://ardupilot.org/rover/docs/common-bluerobotics-ping.html


Is it possible to turn the data into a bathymetric map?